A web page set up to provide information of interest to the residents of the Settles Bridge subdivision, and to allow them to stay in contact with their Homeowners Association.

Election of Officers

The entrance to Settles Bridge Subdivision is located about 1/2 mile northwest of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, off of Suwanee Dam Road, within the city limits of Suwanee, Georgia.
Most of the seventy-six homes were completed before 1990, and the neighborhood has since developed into a very friendly and beautiful community.
Because of the neighborhood's age, there are many large and beautiful trees. Most lots are about one acre, and many lots were left about one-third covered with the area's natural forest.
In spite of the rapid growth of the surrounding community, Settles Bridge Subdivision has managed to stay a quite, safe place to raise a family.
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Derrick Perkins
Vice President
Sue Palmer
Ron Rogers
Colleen Voisin
Members at Large

John Stoll
Bob Brown

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